Establish stable business relationships and firm growth with clients in the markets of Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Far East, Mediterranean and America mainly.
Ensuring that:

  • The fruit we export has a high level of quality in origin and destination.

  • Our operations are safe and reliable.

  • Our employees and business partners feel an added value in their standard of living.

  • The people around us must be satisfied doing business with us.


Provide fresh fruits from Ecuador, especially Bananas to global markets, seeking to maintain a high level of quality of both the product and the service for the benefit of our collaborators, business partners, customers and shareholders.

Security policy

Support the controlling entities and adopt the BASC security and control management system, maintaining high security standards in our export operations.

Implementing effective sealing and transportation procedures, protecting information technology and intellectual property.

Avoiding illicit activities such as drug trafficking, terrorism, theft, falsification of documents and related crimes, which may affect the normal activities of the company and our business partners.